About Us


Brand Equation is a full-service consulting and digital marketing agency with expertise in Brand Creative services, Custom Software Solutions,  Project Management, Digital Analytics & Reporting, Executive Reputation Management, Business Reputation Management; Designing/Developing Websites, Mobile Websites, Mobile Apps and full-scale e-Commerce Websites; Local/Mobile Marketing, SEO, and Online Advertising.

Our marketing team is broken down into the following divisions which are managed by our Lead Project Manager and CEO:

  • Creative Design
  • Programming and Web Development
  • Content Creation
  • PPC/Display Advertising
  • Digital Marketing

Our specialty at Brand Equation is helping our clients to maximize profits and grow their business by evaluating their customer experience, business systems and use of technologies, digital marketing, reputation management, sales funnels, and client retention processes. We help our clients build a strategic business with a stellar online presence that produces measurable, predictable results.

We also help our clients to simplify and automate many of the processes in their business operations, outbound marketing and customer relationship and follow-up systems. Since money spent on acquiring customers is optimized with the proper conversion and retention strategies, the efficiencies that we help our clients to build also add to their bottom line and markedly increase profits.

Because Brand Equation’s approach is so targeted and effective, we intentionally limit the number of clients we take on in any given market. Our system produces measurable results for our clients, and we don’t enjoy competing with ourselves, so we only accept one client in a specific industry in any given geographic area (i.e. one dentist, one mortgage broker). When it comes to larger SEO projects on a national basis, a more exclusive relationship is typically required, and we work with these types of clients on a case-by-case basis.

We achieve the high level of success that what we do because of our world-class, diverse team. They bring real-life expertise and a highly specialized set of skills to the table. We are able to rapidly scale our efforts to take on both small and large projects, and we offer our regular clientele the ability to retain us on a monthly basis.

Brand Equation is the result of over 75 years of real-life business experience and expertise collectively among our senior partners and consultants. Our leadership team has learned incredibly valuable lessons about technology and marketing throughout the years, and have experienced many of the same challenges that current business owners and CEOs face. We know how important it is to have solid systems in place for business operations, client acquisition and retention, outbound marketing, reputation management, and prospect follow-up. We offer our clients the solutions they need to succeed.