Our Company Vision

Brand Equation’s vision as a company is to deliver innovative, cutting edge, and unique marketing and business solutions to help our partners achieve their dreams and goals – continuously.

Our Company Core Values

Relationships come first

All humans thrive on close, healthy relationships, no matter in what area of our lives. Whether with our spouse, children, friends, colleagues, or even with God, we all value those relationships. It’s our company’s top priority to build lifelong relationships with our clients by fostering dynamic connections with them, our employees, and our community.

Only excellence will do

To achieve success, you must achieve excellence. There can be no shortcuts to excellence when it comes to marketing, branding, PR, and customer service. From top to bottom, we pursue excellence in everything that we do when it comes to the partnerships that we forge with our clients at Brand Equation. No matter whether the job is big or small, we set ourselves apart from our competition through that pursuit of excellence. That’s not just a tagline for us – it’s the way that we do business.

Create and lead with Dynamic Value

What do we mean by “Dynamic Value?” When quality and innovation are increased in our value offering (services and products), and our cost to clients is simultaneously decreased while delivering an experience unique to Brand Equation, we create Dynamic Value for our clients. We also aim to provide value to anyone that contacts us with an inquiry or question, in order to put value before monetary gain.

Clear communication is key

Timely and responsive communication is critical to success in any relationship, but especially when it comes to those with employees, peers, and clients. Open and honest communication on a daily basis is what produces the healthiest and most productive relationships, and Brand Equation endeavors to to excel in all things – communication included. We ask our clients to never be afraid to speak honestly with us, as we do with them.

Caring is non-negotiable

Our world is one of need, and we all are consumed with it. Need is everywhere, and whenever it is within our power to care for someone who is less fortunate than we have been, we’ve made the commitment to do whatever is in our power to address that need – as individuals and as a corporate team. Brand Equation promises to be mindful and conscious of those that are in need, and to be actively involved with our community in an effort to better it wherever and whenever we can.

Time is to be treasured

Yesterday is gone, and we won’t get it back. There are tons of distractions vying for our attention, and we know how precious time is to everyone. We respect and value the commodity of time, and realize what a treasure that it truly is. Brand Equation strives to make the most out of every day that we have – for our clients, and ourselves!

Excellence is a never-ending pursuit

Life is a process, and so too is pursuing excellence in your chosen field. Brand Equation aims to be the top experts in what we do, and continuously strives to learn more as we go, searching the horizon for new solutions and strategies to help our clients stay on the cutting edge.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to give our clients the advice, knowledge, and innovation to help them to stand out from the crowd locally, digitally, and with a stellar reputation. We produce results that are measurable, keep sales on the rise, offer tangible ROI, and most importantly, give our clients the chance for a more predictable and profitable business.

Hard to find the right balance? Of course, but we aren’t called Brand Equation by mistake! Give us a call today – we promise that it will be the right one to make.