Pittsboro, NC Landscape Design Company Offers Tips to Create Natural Workspaces

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect employees and customers, large segments of the American workforce have been laid off, furloughed, or forced to work from home. Schools have been shut down, sending tens of millions of students of all ages home to continue education on laptops.

It turns out that home is where the heart is, as an article from Gallup, a well-known pollster, points out. The article, entitled “U.S. Workers Discovering Affinity for Remote Work,” explains the phenomenon, noting, “American workers are increasingly doing their jobs from home as a result of the coronavirus crisis, and the latest Gallup Panel data show that they are warming up to the experience. Employers have had to become agile in response to the pandemic.”

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Gallup has been analyzing how U.S. workers have dealt with the disruptions. 62% of employed Americans responded that they have worked from home during the crisis. This number doubled in just a few weeks.

The article goes on to report, “Three in five U.S. workers who have been doing their jobs from home during the coronavirus pandemic would prefer to continue to work remotely as much as possible, once public health restrictions are lifted.”

Industry buzz has it that people are home, they like it, and they plan to stay. Vacations that involve travel and possible exposure to COVID-19 and its lingering remnant are very low priority. Homeowners are looking for ways to make the home and outdoor living space more friendly for work, education, recreation, and entertainment.

A trip to a big box home improvement store is a clear indication that those unspent vacation dollars and stimulus checks are being funneled into home improvement projects that make remote work and homeschooling comfortable and enjoyable.

Arbor Enterprises offers these tips and suggestions on how to make the home and outdoor living space more user-friendly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tip #1: Work outside.

Germs do not like the UV rays from the sun. Research has not determined to what extent the sun’s UV rays effect COVID-19, but most germs die when exposed to UV rays. Also, the vitamin B3 from the sun stimulates the senses and refreshes the mind.

Tip #2: Create garden spaces that lift the spirit.

A lovely courtyard with a water feature, a bench, flowers, shrubs, and a vibrant butterfly garden take working from home to higher levels of enjoyment.

Tip #3: Add a pergola.

Adding a covered work area makes sense when the sun is hot overhead or work needs to continue after the sunsets. Adding a ceiling fan to circulate the air makes working when it is a bit hot more tolerable. Lighting the pergola adds elegance and style while at the same time expanding the hours that can be worked outside. Eliminate the hassle and nuisance of flying pests with retractable mosquito netting. Comfortable, cool chairs and a sturdy wrought iron table provide adequate space if the kids need to join the team and study under the watchful eye of the working parent.

Tip #4: Reclaim the patio.

If a pergola is a bit too much, simply reclaim the patio or back deck. Arbor Enterprises as a landscape design company can install a patio, deck, or pergola if needed.

For more information about backyard landscaping, visit the Arbor Enterprises website at Arbor Enterprises at

3 Advantages of a Glass Sneeze Guard

The current global pandemic has greatly heightened public awareness of the spread of infectious diseases such as the flu, common cold, and COVID-19. In response to the national emergency, the federal, state, and local governments have shut down schools and non-essential businesses, limited public gatherings, and restricted travel. Some restaurants are offering curbside service if their dining areas have been temporarily closed.

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There has been a shift in the way that many Americans think about hygiene, cleanliness, and sanitation. People are paying closer attention to cleanliness, safety, and protection when they shop or eat out.

The invention of the sneeze guard is an example of ingenuity and problem-solving at its best. On March 10, 1959, John Garneau, an inventive restaurateur, filed his patent for the “Food Service Table.” This food shield became known as a “sneeze guard.” It was intended to protect food on display from bacteria and other germs that may be spread by sneezing, coughing, or breathing. It did not take long for the device to capture the attention of government inspectors. By the early 1960s, the FDA mandated the use of food guards, and similar regulations were subsequently adopted by all 50 states.

What are the basic guidelines for the installation of a sneeze guard?

Sneeze guards or similar food guards are a universal requirement for restaurants, food carts, and other venues where food is displayed or served. Each state sets its own guidelines, so foodservice vendors need to have a professional installer who knows the laws and guidelines. NSF International, a trusted name in food safety, offers very detailed instructions for food shields.

The following basic guidelines apply across the board:

  1. The height of any food guard needs to be tall enough for the average customer, who is between five and six feet tall.
  2. A buffet sneeze guard should blend in with the decor of the restaurant. Frame color, shield size, and installation affect the appearance of a restaurant. This consideration could have a dramatic effect on how a customer perceives the cleanliness and sanitation of a restaurant establishment. Positive perception is essential for repeat business. An experienced commercial glass installer can match sneeze guards and other food barriers to the restaurant décor.
  3. All sneeze guards, including custom-made sneeze guards, must not be movable by the customer or staff. Swinging sneeze guards cannot protect food.

What are the advantages of a glass sneeze guard?

A sneeze guard is a small glass partition wall, and its many applications include use in restaurants, buffets, coffee shops, snack bars, and food carts. Sneeze guards are mostly made of clear glass so that the customer can see the food. The clear tempered glass typically used on sneeze guards has the following advantages:

#1. Durability

Tempered glass is significantly stronger than standard annealed glass. This added strength is recommended since customers sometimes do some strange things or have heavy objects fall out of their pockets or are unsafe with the utensils provided to serve the food.

#2. Hygiene

Smooth surfaces are easy to wash and sanitize, and glass stands up well to the strong cleaners and disinfectants that are used in restaurants.

#3. Appearance

Glass can dress up the buffet line. It pairs well with the sneeze guard’s metal components. A skilled glass fabricator and installer can custom design and install sneeze guards that complement the décor, protect the food, and allow the customer and the food service worker to access the food behind the sneeze guards.

glass specialist

In these times of heightened hygiene awareness, the sneeze guard is indispensable for restaurants and other settings where food is prepared and served for the public. For durability, hygiene protection, and appearance, the sneeze guard is an affordable, attractive solution. An experienced, knowledgeable custom design and installation company can create or renovate a sneeze guard design to match and even enhance any décor.

For more information about commercial glass sneeze guards, contact the glass specialists at Oak City Glass at (919) 710-8662.

Choosing the Best Vanity Top for a Bathroom Remodel

Functionality and durability are primary considerations when choosing a kitchen countertop. While bathroom countertops do not have the same requirements as kitchen cabinets, they still need to be durable and resilient to certain activities and chemicals.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association offers the following expert advice: “If you’re looking for a bathroom countertop—usually called a vanity top—look for something that will stand up to water, soap, toothpaste, cosmetics, and alcohol- and acetone-based liquids.”

What does this advice mean for the bathroom countertop? Functionality is still important, but design and style can be more at the forefront when selecting that perfect bathroom countertop for a new installation or remodel. Bathroom countertops are generally custom-made, leaving the style and design options wide open to personal taste. Vanity countertops can make a fashion statement and still be practical while providing additional workspace. The selection of a particular material can establish the tone of the bathroom. High-quality stainless-steel countertops are low maintenance and look fabulous in a contemporary bathroom. Aging enhances the look and beauty of stainless steel. Glass can also be striking and modern, but keeping it clean may be challenging. One alternative is to use glass tiles.

bathroom remodel

Aside from appearance, other factors to consider are price, maintenance, and compatibility when investing in a bathroom countertop. Consider the following popular ideas when investigating and deciding which countertop is perfect for a bathroom remodel in Clayton, NC.


Granite is the Rolls-Royce of countertops. This rock material is durable, stain-resistant, and beautiful. In the past, it was the surface of choice for high-end bathrooms. Today, granite is gaining in popularity across a broad spectrum of home styles. The most durable of countertops, granite is the easiest to care for of any of the natural stone materials. Though relatively expensive, granite provides an elegant, luxurious look that is unmatched among its countertop competitors. If a solid granite slab is over budget, consider more affordable granite tiles.

Maintenance is somewhat challenging. Granite countertops need to be sealed every six months to a year. Clean the countertops with warm water and liquid detergent, and avoid abrasive cleaners that will scratch and dull the finish. Small chips and scratches in the granite can be polished down.

Manufactured Quartz

Manufactured quartz mimics the appearance of granite, limestone, or marble. This product is made up of 90% quartz particles. The synthetic composite comes in a wide variety of colors and thicknesses, and it is more resistant to scratches and stains.

Quartz is the material to use when considering a countertop with a specialized edging. Practical for the bathroom, quartz is easy to clean, durable, and does not require sealing.


While tile has always been a popular material for bathroom countertops, homeowners often complain about the need to clean the grout. However, tiles are now available in much larger sizes, which eliminate the need for numerous grout lines. Through-body or unglazed porcelain tiles are stronger than granite and about a third of the price. The wide variety of types of ceramic and porcelain tiles, including ones that have a metallic look, allow for incredibly beautiful designs. Tiles also work well with other materials such as glass or concrete. The beauty of using tile is that there are so many choices.

The grout complaint can be resolved in several ways. Using a colored grout that does not show dirt as easily and which plays off the color of the tile is one solution. A terra-cotta tile with a dark gray grout provides a striking contrast and also does not show grout issues as readily. In terms of general maintenance for tile, grout lines need regular maintenance and cleaning even with the use of different colors of grout. The tiles can be easily cleaned with any household detergent.

Solid-Surface Materials

One of the most popular countertop options available, solid-surface materials, is more affordable and easier to clean. Designed to look like natural stone, this countertop medium is an easy-to-maintain synthetic product that can be molded to fit any design specification. Using a solid-surface material is great if there is a concern about mold or mildew since the nonporous, hypoallergenic surface inhibits the growth of these allergens. Solid-surface materials are usually known by a brand name, such as Corian, Staron, Gibraltar, or Avonite.

bathroom remodeling

The aesthetic boundaries for bathroom countertops are less confining than for kitchen countertops. Pull out all the design and style stops; the options are prolific. Consult with an experienced bathroom design and remodel specialist to discover the wide selection of bathroom vanity tops for the ideal bathroom remodel.

For more information about bathroom remodeling, glass shower enclosures, or residential glass, contact Oak City Glass at (919) 710-8662.

Showcasing the High Point Trestle Table from Duvall & Co.

High Point, NC has a rich history as a leader in the furniture industry dating back to the late 1800s. The town set itself apart as a hub for the design and manufacture of fine furniture. Nicknamed “The Silicon Valley of Furniture” and “The Furniture Capital of the World,” High Point is home to the High Point Furniture Market, the largest semiannual home furnishings industry trade show in the world. Twice a year, 75,000 vendors and visitors from 100 countries come to “market,” as it is known by many. More than 2,000 exhibitors show their products at this global meeting of furniture professionals. It is only fitting that Duvall & Co., a North Carolina custom furniture maker, should name their most popular table after this great city.

David Duvall, CEO of Duvall & Co., himself a gifted furniture designer and craftsman, explains the origin of the High Point Trestle Table: “Over the last year, the High Point has become our most popular table. We originally designed the table as a custom piece for a customer, but we loved it so much we added it to our permanent build-list, and sales for this design took off from there.”

Trestle Table

Here are several reasons why the High Point Trestle Table is a superior choice for any home or office.

  1. Versatility Within Any Décor

Duvall describes the versatility of their signature piece, saying, “The one-of-a-kind design lends itself to both formal dining spaces and more casual spaces alike. With the same quality of materials and attention to detail as our other models, but with its unique design, its versatility is unlike any other. Its organic lines and curves are hand-cut and assembled using the highest quality joinery.”

  1. Strong and Stable Construction

The trestle table design is strong and stable and can double as a dining table and as a workspace. Constructed of fine, hand-selected hardwoods, each table is finished by hand with eco-friendly, water-based sealers that enhance the natural beauty of the wood’s grain and color variations. The High Point can withstand the rugged pounding when life happens at the table. Dents, scratches, or gouges can be repaired, or they can remain as markers of significant milestones in the life of the table and the family that used it.

  1. Functional Efficiency

The trestle design improves the seating capacity of the table. Tables with four legs often restrict the number of people that can comfortably sit at the table. The trestles are tucked under the table and out of the way of chairs. The efficient design of the High Point fosters an intimate and conversational environment.

  1. Heirloom Quality and Craftsmanship

The High Point Trestle Table combines Old World craftsmanship and functionality with the best in modern innovative design and construction technology. Customers will find that their table endures the test of time and eclipses short-lived style trends. The High Point is built to last and can be passed on for generations. The greatest challenge customers of Duvall & Co. may face is determining who will inherit the cherished custom heirloom.

  1. Unlimited Options

Tables range in size from 72” to 120” to fit any space. Wood choices include rich hardwood maple and a magnificent black walnut. Customers can select from a wide variety of stains to match their tastes and décor. American Walnut, Bourbon, Dark Walnut, Driftwood, Early American, English Chestnut, and Natural are available.

The trestle design of the table pairs well with custom High Point benches. Tables and benches are available in reclaimed or wood species other than maple and black walnut.  Contact Duvall & Co. by phone at (919) 819-8377 for more information about pricing, alternate wood selections, and custom furniture design requests.

trestle tables


In the High Point Trestle Table, authentic Old World craftsmanship, the finest hand-selected hardwoods, and traditional and innovative design combine to create a table where life, family, work, and inspiration can happen.

Scale and Proportion: The Holy Grail of Interior Design

Scale and proportion are the most important elements in achieving a great design that reflects balance and harmony. In her book, The Art of Space, interior designer and published author Mary Cook explains the seven fundamentals that create great design and spatial harmony.

  • Objective: What are the goals of the design? What impression is to be communicated upon entering the room or viewing the piece of furniture for the first time?
  • Function and livability: What is the purpose of the space and its contents? Great design must not only look great, but it must live great.
  • Scale and proportion: Scale is the size of the items in the room, and proportion is their relationship to the space and to each other. Together, they add grace, balance, and harmony to a room.
  • Light and lighting: Light evokes mood and emotion, generates interest, and creates emphasis, impact, and drama.
  • Color: Color can add formality and sophistication or create a relaxed, casual atmosphere. It can help balance proportion and scale, punctuate architecture, create illusions of size, and even improve a room’s functionality.
  • Pattern and texture: Different patterns or textures enhance and elevate quality. They impact and transform the flat and bland into the 3-dimensional and deep.
  • Significant and relevant ornamentation: Ornaments reflect tastes and inject sentiment, unifying the design and bringing everything together.

Every one of these fundamentals is important on its own. Yet, the author distinguishes scale and proportion as the key factors to achieving great design and a fabulous outcome.

Furniture Makers

The interior design author states, “Scale and proportion are without a doubt THE most important part of achieving great design. Together, they are the holy grail of design (btw, not just interior design, but ALL design). But don’t just take my word for it. A little research will quickly show that the formula for scale and proportion has been around forever. It was first studied in ancient Greece 2,500 years ago. The Romans knew about it too. The golden ratio shows up in nature (…nautilus shell), in all the world’s most beloved artistic masterpieces, and in architecture the world over.”

In residential interior design, scale relates to the size of an object – such as a table – compared with the space or room it occupies. Proportion, on the other hand, is concerned with the relationship of elements to one another and to the whole. A design with the perfect color scheme and style for a space can be ruined by choosing ill-fitting pieces of furniture or using the wrong scale. Selecting the correct scale for furniture makes the room balanced and harmonious.

Before deciding to acquire the table, bench, or chair that has been top of mind for the past six months, consider all aspects of the piece. How will it fit in the space? Is it to scale with the size of the room in which it will be placed? Will it be proportional to the rest of the items already in that space?

Six Tips for Proper Scale and Proportion

  • Room Size: A larger room can handle furniture and decor that are larger in scale. The smaller the room is, the more petite or delicate the furniture and amenities should be.
  • Focal point: The main furniture in the room sets the stage for the scale of all the other items. For example, a bulky sofa and a delicate side table may look odd next to each other.
  • Height: The higher the ceiling, the taller and more imposing the furniture or other pieces can be. Low ceilings call for low furniture and decor. The exception to this rule is using low, modern furnishings in a room with tall ceilings to achieve a dramatic effect.
  • White space: Leave white space – the space around and above furniture. Crowded rooms are rarely aesthetically pleasing.
  • Patterns: In small rooms, keep patterns to scale, and use smaller prints and less of them. A larger room can typically handle larger prints and more colors.
  • Repetition: Use repetitive patterns or colors. For example, for square-shaped wainscoting panels on a wall, employ a square coffee table to maintain the same proportions throughout the room.

David Duvall, CEO, and founder of Duvall & Co., understands the aesthetic necessity and practical application of scale and proportion. Each piece must reflect the balance and harmony that only comes about when both scale and proportion are the foundation of the design-build project.

custom handcrafted furnitures

Duvall and his design-build team also take into consideration the purpose, function, and location of the piece once it is finished and delivered. Balance and harmony mark every piece of furniture they design and build. Whether displaying rustic charm or refined sophistication, each piece is constructed in the tradition of the finest Old World craftsmanship.

For more information about custom handcrafted furniture made from the highest quality hardwoods, contact Duvall & Co. by phone at (919) 819-8377 or by email at To see samples of the company’s craftsmanship, visit the Duvall & Co. online store at

Six Advantages of Solid Hardwood Furniture

Historically, wood has been the material of choice for crafting furniture. The advent of the industrial revolution birthed innovative material technology and the efficiencies of mass production. These advances transformed the manufacturing of furniture. Alternative materials such as particleboard, MDF, plastic, steel, and aluminum were more affordable and amenable to mass-produce than wood.

hardwood furnitures

As the production of fine, handcrafted, solid wood furniture has declined over the last 150 years, its prominence and desirability have continued to gain elevated status. Furniture handsomely crafted from a regal hardwood transcends the passage of time and fleeting styles. The ingrained aesthetic that captured the eye of Pharaohs still casts its spell to this day. The attraction and mystique of hardwood furniture are found in its durability, beauty, and uniqueness.

Strong and Durable

Wood endures through generations, but longevity does depend on the type of wood. True hardwoods such as walnut, maple, and cherry retain their rich appearance over centuries. Well-made furniture crafted from best quality hardwoods can hold up for generations despite heavy use. Wood remains far and away the most durable material for crafting handmade furniture. Wood well-kept will not wear out. It wears well!

Aesthetically Rich

Fine hardwoods possess an unmatched beauty. Subtle and nuanced, exquisitely grained woods like live edge walnut, maple, and cherry vividly manifest this aesthetic quality. Slight variations in grain thickness, direction, and texture pop when seen together.

The craftsman enjoys greater artistic license when working with wood than with any other material. A boundless potential of design innovation awaits the bold artisan who works the wood. Machines can accomplish only so much with metal or plastic. The individual uniqueness of each piece creates an added layer of value.

Unique and Authentic

No two pieces of solid wood furniture are identical, even if they are the same type and style of furniture. The wood procured for each piece has its own unique story. Each customer has a unique journey that planted them in the showroom, searching for a custom-made heirloom.

Variations in the design-build process contribute to this uniqueness. Each craftsman lends their own identity to each piece they touch. The subtle nuances of each wood—the grain, density, color, texture, and finish—create a fingerprint for each piece.

The customer’s intimate involvement in the design process accentuates the uniqueness of the final product. Each piece of furniture is crafted to satisfy the unique desires of the customer and reflects the unique artistry of its designer and crafter.

Once in place, each piece of furniture embarks on a journey that seals its uniqueness. Life, family, work, and inspiration happen at a table commissioned for these purposes. Each dent, gouge, or imperfection authenticates the table and validates its mission. Memories are literally embedded in the table.

Easily Maintained and Repaired

Custom handcrafted furniture is also easy to maintain. Regular dusting with a microfiber cloth and a furniture cleaner such as Pledge is all that is needed. Furniture sealed with the highest quality products easily withstand spills. Simply wipe up the spill or mess with a moist microfiber cloth.

Stylistically Versatile

Well-designed and solidly constructed wood furniture will enhance any home aesthetic. Whether rustic, traditional, or modern, wood can be sculpted to accommodate any décor. Wood creates a sense of the natural world indoors. Elegant hardwood furniture can evoke intimacy and warmth in a city apartment or cramped urban loft.


Unlike plastic, wood is a sustainable resource. As long as they are harvested responsibly, trees can be continually replenished. Solid wood furniture can be repurposed and repaired. It need not end up in a landfill.

Other “Wood” Options

Clearly, solid wood furniture is superior to wood substitutes. Veneer particleboard, a low-density fiberboard, is an example of a wood substitute. It lacks strength and durability and will not stand the test of time. Particleboard is vulnerable to changes in temperature and moisture. Exposure to moisture can lead to warping. Particleboard eventually degrades, and the veneer will separate from the substrate.

Particleboard consists of wood fibers (sawdust), glue, and formaldehyde. The formaldehyde gradually disburses into the home environment, which is not healthy for family or pets. The glue used in the manufacturing of particleboard is not as eco-friendly as solid wood.

Custom handcrafted hardwood furniture is durable, beautiful, and unique. It is an investment that will last many generations.


hardwood furniture


Cleaning Services Provider in Raleigh Recognized for 5-Star Maid Services

Raleigh Maid Service Can Help With House Cleaning Duties

Life is busy; even if you’re productive and efficient in scheduling and logistics of running a home, especially for moms and dads with kids and pets. Rather than getting stressed about having a messy home around the holidays, give your local maid service a call and let them come in and make your home clean in all the important places like the kitchen and bathrooms. 

cleaning services raleigh

Busy professionals are often able to keep on top of the small daily duties – such as vacuuming and wiping down the counters, but making time to do a more thorough house clean can be more of a challenge and there are many benefits from having a clean home which can include helping you prepare for hosting guests for the holidays. 

Here are 3 times when it makes sense to make use of a house cleaning service:

1. If you’re hosting guests for the holidays 

If you love the thought of filling your home with families and friends but can’t think past all the cleaning you would need to do in preparation, this one is for you. Preparing for a holiday party can be stressful, and the list of to-dos is unending – from planning the event to sending out invitations, preparing the food and more. 

One of the most important steps for preparing your home for a holiday party is to have it properly cleaned. If you’ve gotten to the point where you’re running out of time and you’re not going to get to it, you can hire a home cleaning service like MaidPro to come in and get the job done for you. This takes one big, slightly overwhelming task, off your to-do list, freeing you up to focus on other, more enjoyable parts of that holiday party planning.

Hopefully, your party goes off without a hitch, but you might wake up the next morning to a house that now needs to be cleaned after the wonderful party. This is where a one-time clean by a professional maid service will leave your home clean once again. Quite often, people will hire the maid service for a deep clean before the party and a quick clean the day after the guests leave. This can really take a big burden off the host and is a secret tip for the professional holiday host!

2. When family members are visiting

The cleanliness of your home might not be a top priority for your immediate family but, if you have family visiting from out of town, especially if they’re staying with you, a deep-cleaning of your house might suddenly become more important. 

A one-time clean by a house cleaning service can completely diffuse the situation. Within a day your home will be spotless, ready to open to even the pickiest guests which leaves you just enough time to focus on stocking the fridge and other last-minute essential tasks.

3. Hire one-time cleaning service when your home needs a spring clean (even if it’s not spring)

Dust and dirt accumulate slowly, you might not even notice it happening, especially if life is busy and you’re out of the home for most of the day. A one-time clean can help you get back on top of the dirt in your home, giving you fresh inspiration and encouragement to keep it up in the weeks and months afterward. Sometimes it helps to have a cleaning service come in and get your home back in order so that you can get back into a regular cleaning rhythm.

cleaning services in raleigh

Whatever you need, MaidPro in Raleigh, NC, can help with a one-time or regularly scheduled cleaning service making life less stressful and the home more beautiful for their clients. They work with their clients to build a cleaning plan which is tailored to each client’s needs and budget.

Lexington Personal Trainers Share Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

Exercise Programs That Help You Get The Most Out of a Daily Workout

Maintaining a regular workout routine in the gym takes time and effort, so it makes sense to get the most out of each gym session. To get the biggest benefits from working out, the fitness experts at Dynamic Health & Fitness, with 3 gyms in the Lexington and West Columbia South Carolina community, share their top 6 tips for health and fitness success.

Fitness Club West Columbia SC

1. Get a Good Night’s Rest – Sleep is Vital for Optimal Performance & Fitness

Preparing for a good work out session actually starts the night before as good quality sleep is essential for getting the most out of time at the gym. Poor sleep impacts performance and the number of calories that are burnt during your workout and it also prevents the body from recovering adequately from exercise. The ideal number of hours is between seven and nine every night depending on the individual. This should be achieved every night of the week to get the best results.

2. Eat Right to Maximize Performance in the Gym

Eating carbohydrates before a workout gives the body fuel for high-intensity activities. If your body has the fuel that is needed to workout, it will work harder and get better results in terms of the number of calories burnt, as well as the impact on muscle growth and recovery.

The night before a gym session, it is important to have protein. The ideal choice is food that is rich in casein (such as Greek yogurt or cottage cheese). Casein is a protein that digests slowly and keeps muscle protein synthesis and amino acid levels raised throughout the night.

3. Hydrate: Drink Water Before, During and After a Workout

It’s essential to maintain the right level of fluids in the body as even just a 2% loss of fluids in the body can adversely affect exercise performance and impact the body’s ability to recover post-workout. In many cases, people who neglect to hydrate sufficiently before beginning a workout often can do more harm than good and are not able to get the optimum benefits from their workout.

4. Workouts Begin with the Warmup

Warm-up with movements that mimic the exercise that you’re about to do, but with small gentle movements. These increase the blow flow and improve the body’s range of motion without impacting on the body’s ability to perform the exercise. This might means starting with between 5 and 10 minutes of lunges, keen raises, and leg swings before starting with cardio on the treadmill.

5. Incorporate Weight Training, Preferably Free Weights

If you’re doing your own workout and not joining a class, it can be tempting to stick to machines that focus on cardio. But this actually has a negative impact on metabolism, which makes it more difficult to lose weight. By comparison, resistance training builds muscle which helps to reduce weight gain.

While weight machines have their place, especially for new gym-goers who need to learn about posture and form, free weights will give the best results. Free weights include kettlebells and dumbells, and working out with free weights like these has a greater hormonal response than similar exercises that are conducted on exercise machines. This is because they use a wider range of muscles as the machine is not there to guide and support.

6. Interval Training to Take Gym Workouts to the Next Level

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts with low-intensity breaks are correlated with greater cardiovascular and fat-loss benefits. Interval training usually follows a schedule of 20 seconds performing as many reps of the chosen exercise as possible, followed by a 10-second rest. This is then repeated seven more times for a total of four minutes and followed by a break of a minute before beginning again (repeated 5 times in total). HIIT workouts are an excellent fat burning exercise as your body will continue to burn calories and fat even up to 36 hours after you complete your workout.

Dynamic Health and Fitness

Dynamic Health & Fitness personal training experts have the inside track when it comes to helping their clients reach their health and fitness goals. They’re backed by state of the art equipment and a range of facilities that allow them to deliver the best results for their clients.

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