Marketing Podcast Discusses Website Accessibility

The Marketing Center of Excellence podcast recently released its second episode, which features Glen Ingram and Joshua Fletcher of WebA11y. The topic of discussion was the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and how it applies to website development in 2020, what legal liabilities marketing agencies should be aware of, how to educate business owners on this important topic, and how to help businesses subsidize the cost of becoming ADA compliant through IRS tax credits.

Glen Ingram and Joshua Fletcher, along with Mike Haydon, partnered to form WebA11y, a website accessibility training and white-label ADA-compliant website development firm. Ingram and Fletcher serve as the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Communications Officer, respectively.

Glen Ingram is the owner of Web Search Pros, an ADA compliant website design and search engine marketing company. An internationally-certified accessibility specialist, Ingram has over twenty years of sales and management experience and a few million dollars of personal sales. He is considered a subject matter expert on building websites that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar state laws.

Joshua Fletcher is the founder of Search Explosion. As an internationally renowned trainer, coach, and speaker, he helps people understand and leverage the internet as a vehicle for communication, sales, community, and marketing. Fletcher is considered a subject matter expert in the field of SEO and has ranked over 16 million URLs and over a million city keywords on page one of Google.

The podcast episode covered the following best practices in the area of ADA compliance:

  • Website development best practices under the ADA
  • Taking a consultative approach to educating businesses on the topic
  • How to use the IRS tax credit opportunity to help business and close more website projects
  • Why ADA compliant websites are better for SEO

By providing access to the foremost thought leaders in the marketing world, The Marketing Center of Excellence offers guidance, best practices, research, support, and training to marketers. A ‘center of excellence‘ is defined as “a physical or virtual center of knowledge concentrating existing expertise and resources in a discipline or capability to attain and sustain world-class performance and value.” Whether the marketer is new to the industry or an experienced veteran, The Marketing Center of Excellence promises to be a valuable resource.

The Marketing Center of Excellence is a community of marketers and agency owners that collaborate and provide leadership, best practices, research, support, training, software, and digital technology to help community members drive performance and scale their agencies. The informative podcast interviews experts in the industry to glean best practices, strategies, and mistakes to avoid for agencies and marketing executives.


For more information about The Marketing Center of Excellence Podcast, visit The Marketing Center of Excellence website at The team can be reached by email at or by phone at 1 (833) 383-9773.

The Marketing Center of Excellence Podcast Debuts Its Inaugural Episode

About The Marketing Center of Excellence

The Marketing Center of Excellence, a marketing education community, announces the launch of its podcast. The informative podcast focuses on interviewing experts in the industry to discuss best practices and strategies and to point out mistakes for agencies and marketing executives to avoid. Listeners will glean practical tips, actionable strategies, detailed case studies, and everything else needed to scale a digital agency.

What does it mean to be a center of excellence?

Hosted by Lane Houk, one of the founders of The Marketing Center of Excellence, the inaugural episode of the podcast features an interview with Josh Nelson. Nelson is the founder of the Seven Figure Agency system and the CEO of Plumbing & HVAC SEO, an Inc 5000 company.

About Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson

As one of the most sought-after experts in internet marketing and SEO, he is known for helping plumbing and HVAC contractors increase their sales, grow their revenues, and dominate their local competition by marketing online more effectively. Nelson has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of contractors across the United States and internationally. With his help and expertise, clients that had virtually no online presence now dominate the search engines in their market and receive hundreds of calls each month directly via the web.

On the podcast, Lane and Josh discuss Josh’s journey to overwhelming success. From failing at his first venture in a website develpment company to his time with ReachLocal to his second entrepreneurial venture when he began his digital marketing agency in 2011 with zero clients. Now, Nelson bills out over $370,000 per month or over $4 million per year. His experiences have given him a passion for helping entrepreneurs succeed, and he is on a mission to help one hundred agency owners grow to seven-figures in their agency over the next five years.

Nelson has also recently released a book entitled, “Internet Marketing for Plumbing & HVAC Companies: How to TRIPLE Your Sales by Getting Your Internet Marketing Right.” His articles on internet marketing had been published in plumbing and mechanical magazines, contractor magazines, and HVAC Insider, among other publications.

About this episode of The Marketing Center of Excellence Podcast

The podcast episode covered the following best practices:

  • Project-based vs. MRR agency model
  • The UVP or Unique Value Proposition
  • Understanding an audience and identifying what the audience really wants
  • Belief systems on how much to charge
  • The generalist vs. the specialist approach to targeting
  • Expert positioning and omnipresence

By providing access to the best and brightest thought leaders in the marketing world, The Marketing Center of Excellence is dedicated to offering leadership, best practices, research, support, and training for those in the marketing industry. Whether the marketer is brand new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, The Marketing Center of Excellence promises to be a valuable resource.

What is a Marketing Center of Excellence (MCoE)?

Gartner defines a COE as “a physical or virtual center of knowledge concentrating existing expertise and resources in a discipline or capability to attain and sustain world-class performance and value.” Wikipedia says “a center of excellence is a team, a shared facility or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support and/or training for a focus area.”

The Marketing Center of Excellence is a community of marketers and agency owners that collaborate and provide leadership, best practices, research, support, training, software, and digital technology to help community members drive performance and scale their agencies.


For more information about the marketing podcast, visit The Marketing Center of Excellence website at The team can be reached by email at or by phone at 1 (833) 383-9773.

4 Steps to Choosing the Right Press Release Service

Press Release Service Provider Shares Tips on Choosing the Right Platform For Your Digital Marketing Agency

For digital agencies, working with the right press release service can have a big impact on your client’s online search visibility, authority, and reputation. But with so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to know which PR site is going to deliver high-quality results for you and your clients. 

Press release distribution is the circulation of your press release to media sites and networks for coverage in newspapers, blogs, podcasts and more to get your brand in front of a larger audience. Press releases can help to expand your reach as a business, boost your SEO, increase traffic to your site and, ultimately generate more sales. Sounds good, right? But how do you get started?

press release service

Here are four steps to choosing a solution that will get you the results you need:

1. Press Release Distribution Sites Should Focus on Quality, Rather Than Quantity

A press release distribution service should focus on the quality, not the number, of placements. Google frowns on duplicate content, so a traditional press release service that boasts distribution to thousands of endpoints isn’t necessarily going to benefit your business, especially if they don’t execute the press release distribution properly inside their own software or platform.

Rather, the PR distribution service should be working to leverage the rank-boosting power of media sites that have high authority. This helps to establish your expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) as it should be strategically set up to transfer authority to your website and GMB.

2. Press Release Services Should Be Easy to Use

Signing up for a press release service and submitting your press release should be easy and straightforward. The press release site should offer excellent customer support should you have any questions about the process. Once the PR has been submitted, the process from that point on should be automated and should include a detailed report of the results they have generated on your behalf.

3. They Should Be Able to Scale with You

If you are an agency that handles press release distribution for your clients, find out if the PR site offers private label content distribution. This white-label service means that you get the credit for your client’s successes and your agency is the listed publisher on all the major media sites. 

4. Check the Additional Services That They Offer

Different PR websites offer services such as extended distribution and more, but the key ones to focus on are those that will boost your site’s authority, as well as those that make the process easier to manage. 

Additional services should include:

  • A WordPress plugin, to automate the content syndication process and generate unique digital signals from your own website.
  • A custom media page, where all your pickups are aggregated for you and can be published on your website automatically.
  • Improved indexing, most PR services will only be able to keep a link live for 30 days, but a good PR site will be able to keep press releases on a premium media site live for up to 90 days. This is important for search visibility.
  • Video conversion, to make the most of the growing power of video, your press release service should be able to convert your PR into a custom video.
  • Inline image and video embeds included, this is often a paid-for extra, but a good PR site will include this at no extra cost. And it should also be easy to update, simply copy and paste the embed code into the correct point in the PR.

Press release distribution and content marketing can be overwhelming but once you have a clear idea of your objectives, and what the PR services can offer your business or agency, it’s easier to choose the right option for your business. 

best press release service

Quantum Newswire offers industry-leading press release and content marketing features for digital agencies and professionals. Designed to be used by agencies worldwide, their proprietary platform allows for the submission of content and press releases that are distributed throughout their network for targeted placements on high-quality news and media sites. Their unique offering includes an advanced set of features that allow them to provide a service that is unmatched. Contact Quantum Newswire today at (833) 266-1200 for more information.

Using Press Release Services Offers Key Benefits To Businesses & Professionals

Cutting-Edge Press Release Service Shares Insights

The way that the internet is used continues to change and evolve, particularly with the advent of social media. This has led to a renewed interest in press release services and press release writing services for companies wanting to promote themselves to potential customers. Leveraging the power of press releases gives target groups such as investors, customers and even potential employees, suppliers and partners insight into your company and the products, services or solutions your company offers.

What are the best press release services? Better yet, what makes a great press release service?

In almost every industry and niche, companies are choosing to integrate content marketing and social media as a core part of their public relations and marketing efforts. Regardless of company size, online content marketing is shaping the future of brand promotion and communication, and in many cases, phasing out the more traditional channels like print. In effect, content and digital marketing have become almost synonymous with public relations.

This approach forms a strong foundation from which to craft targeted marketing campaigns and build brand awareness using content marketing (content writing and distribution), search engine optimization and public relations – all of which have their nexus in the Quantum Newswire platform for digital agencies and professionals.

Press releases form part of this strategy as they are:

  • A form of content marketing.
  • An important search engine optimization tool that helps investors and customers, as well as other target groups, learn about your company online.
  • Providing a permanent searchable result of your company that can supplement your communication strategy when using the proprietary Quantum Newswire WordPress plugin.
  • An authoritative tool for direct communication ensuring that you can shape the message that your target market receives.
Press Release Services

So what makes a press release services a great press release service? After research, it’s a combination of price, distribution quality, features and, effectiveness.

What Press Release Services Offer Your Digital Agency and Your Agency Clients

It’s important to understand that a press release is simply a unique approach to content marketing and content distribution. These are some of the top reasons to use press release services and press release writing services:


1.   Announcing a new product or service.

Drafting a press release immediately gets your news or announcement published across major search engines and media networks. With the Quantum Newswire platform, you get guaranteed distribution and publication on live media sites like ABC, CBS, NBC, and FOX.


2.   To improve your company’s brand image.

A business wire press release service makes it simple to publish and distribute a press release, so companies are not limited in the number that they send out. Publishing frequent press releases keeps you fresh in the mind of your customers and is a good way to improve your brand’s image as you control the narrative. It also feeds new content signals to Google’s algorithm, part of which has a “freshness” component to it which looks for new content from a brand/entity.


3.   To capture interest and spark action.

Not all but some press release services like Quantum Newswire allow for the inclusion of videos and images as well as other multimedia options. This allows you to come up with new, more creative ways of communicating your news and message and allows you to put digital brand assets like images or videos directly on the live media sites if you use a press release service like Quantum Newswire.


4.   For national distribution at the click of a button.

Before the advent of online press releases, printed press releases were only sent to a handful of journalists who would have the power over whether or not the information would be published. Online press release services give you the power to distribute your information to millions of people instantly. With Quantum Newswire, they have a minimum guarantee pickup and publication when agencies use their press release service which takes out the need to hope that a journalist likes or approves of the content or story.


5.   To educate and involve the public.

Online press releases can link out to other sources to give readers access to even more information such as social media channels, specific pages on the company website or other digital assets that also communicate more about the brand such as a Google MyBusiness listing or a Facebook page. These links or “votes” also play a huge role in search engine optimization or “SEO” as it is often referred to. Quantum Newswire has many advanced SEO features that other press release services like EIN Presswire, Press Release Jet, PR Underground, PR Web and more.


6.   For the potential of going viral

A well-written press release that has newsworthy, share-worthy content has the potential to go viral if it starts getting social media shares. Using a quality press release writing service is a critical component to producing and distributing content that has a high likelihood of being published and shared. Quantum Newswire provides 4- and 5-star quality press release writing services with an all-star writing team that handles the writing for agencies and their clients. Many agencies have challenges finding quality writing and press release writing services and this is an area where Quantum Newswire really stands out!


7.   For search visibility

Using google map embeds and well-written keyword-rich content, a press release boosts the rankings of your site and your Google My Business profile if structured properly and depending on the press release service being used. The Quantum Newswire platform integrates a Google Maps API integration to embed or directly integrate a GMP map embed on all live media sites Quantum Newswire publishes to. This strategy sends powerful, authoritative signals to the algorithm and case studies have proven that repetitive articles with the map embeds will, in fact, boost the map pack rankings for the majority of businesses and scenarios.


8.   For expert positioning and building online authority (a/k/a Google E-A-T)

Let’s face it, the majority of local businesses and business owners/professionals are not getting their picture and content published on major media sites nationally. That’s a fact and Googlebot knows this more than the average consumer, way better. Baked into Google’s algorithm and quality rater guidelines are the concept or principle of E-A-T, otherwise known as Expertise, Authority, and Trust. This is not an insignificant component or area to pay attention to when it comes to online visibility in search results and driving traffic. If you want to learn more about E-A-T, its role in SEO and why quality content marketing and press releases are the keys to building the E-A-T profile of an entity here is an informative white paper on the topic.

Getting your agency clients, and their company or business, featured nationally on high-authority, highly-respected websites that have incredibly high authority scores or Pagerank, accomplishes several key strategic goals. First, by being featured on these types of sites, there is an immediate positioning shift that happens and if your press release writing service or internal team writer does a good job in the writing phase, your client will be strategically positioned as an expert in their industry or field. Secondly, with solid linking and SEO strategies in place, the links and signals you can generate from one article can be significant and Googlebot will find, identify and document these signals for the entity.


About Quantum Newswire

Quantum Newswire is the next generation in press release and content marketing services. The Quantum Newswire platform is only available to digital agencies and professionals and was engineered to help agencies who do content marketing and digital marketing for multiple business clients. They provide their agency partners with the ability to publish their clients’ content to major media authorities throughout the United States on major ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX media affiliate sites. They also offer the option of a direct Google Maps integration to embed the business client’s Google MyBusiness listing directly on the live media sites. They also boast a proprietary WordPress plugin which was developed to automate content publishing, advanced SEO and sourcing the content to the client’s website which is a major differentiator between Quantum Newswire and all other press release or wire services. To contact Quantum Newswire or to inquire about agency pricing, call (833) 266-1200 or visit their website for additional information.

New White Label Agency Content Marketing Platform for SEO Launches Globally

Marketing Agencies and SEO Companies Jumping to Quantum Newswire After Global Launch

Big news hit the agency and content marketing industries earlier this month as Quantum Newswire announced the launch of their new white label agency content and press release marketing platform. Digital marketing agencies of all types are now invited to apply for an agency reseller account. Quantum Newswire has launched exclusive lifetime access deals to the first 100 agencies they onboard. The lifetime deals are extremely limited in time and number; the founders at Quantum Newswire went on the record to say that their unique approach and pass-through pricing model is already sending shockwaves in the industry and will cause a mass exodus of agencies who are currently using other press release or content marketing services. So, if you own a digital marketing agency, it is high-time to go to the company’s website and apply today before the lifetime charter memberships are gone!

The company successfully completed beta testing in January with five different marketing agencies including a white label SEO firm, based in North Carolina, Arizona, and California as reported by Triangle Tech News at

Co-Founder, Lane Houk, started and built a successful digital marketing agency over the last decade and found a huge gap in the content marketing, press release and SEO software niche while helping their own clients build their web presence and improve their search rankings. It is this gap that Houk and his partner, Matt Henry, have addressed in their proprietary Quantum Newswire platform which is focused on serving digital marketers and agencies around the globe.

“There is a huge need for marketing software that really works and delivers real, tangible results. We are in the era of digital marketing and while there’s a lot of tools out there, many don’t work they way are sold to agency owners. So we decided we could build something better that can address some of the weaknesses and services out there,” Houk was quoted in saying in the feature story Triangle Tech News ran on the Quantum Newswire launch.

10 Reasons Why This Content Marketing and SEO Platform is Different

Quantum Newswire is a cloud-based SaaS platform that provides it’s agency customers with a strategic technology platform for holistic digital signal generation that no other press release or content marketing service provides. Guaranteed. 

There are a plethora of features offered on Quantum Newswire platform that digital marketing agencies will benefit greatly from, here are 9 of them:

  1. Serving agencies only, Quantum Newswire is invisible in the content and PR marketing process and provides its agency partners with the ability to white label the distribution of all content.
  2. A proprietary WordPress plugin that creates highly-optimized instances of the article/content on the WP site FIRST for authorship and content sourcing purposes and automatically creates links to ALL instances of the article on the high-authority media sites.
  3. A direct Google Maps API integration allowing for Google Map embeds for Local SEO signal generation.
  4. Omni-Channel distribution options for HUGE SEO advantages.
  5. Voice search distribution to Amazon Alex, Apple Siri and Google Assistant ecosystems.
  6. Advanced text editor with video and map embed options.
  7. Distributed and placed content is live 90+ days vs. the typical 30 days on most other services.
  8. Permanent web record archives of every major media pickup to immortalize the content forever online with live links.
  9. Content authorship and sourcing options no other PR service offers.

While their primary purpose is to use their dynamic content marketing engine to create a wide-range of digital ranking signals using content distribution through it’s proprietary, omni-channel environment, Quantum Newswire also produces high quality SEO-friendly content writing services for its agency partners that wish to have the entire process done and fulfilled for them, including the writing of the articles.

They have partnered with major media networks including major newspapers, radio stations, ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS, where they place the client’s content for strategic positioning and authority-building purposes.

Google E-A-T marketing strategiesContent Marketing Strategies That Satisfy Google E-A-T Guidelines

One of the major differentiating factors is that content on the Quantum Newswire platform is not deleted or “flushed” in 30 days which is standard on almost all other press release services. Content that stays live on major authority and high-traffic media websites increases the traffic many times more than what all other competitors offer. Apart from this better indexing on Google is also an obvious advantage when your content is immortalized and archived on multiple channels.

Google’s algorithm and manual reviews by human raters are looking for three things which are explicitly expressed in the Google Search Quality Evaluator Guide:


Otherwise known as E-A-T, the Google Guide goes into great detail in how the evaluator should be looking at the MC (main content) and how the content exhibits the elements of E-A-T. Businesses that show expertise (in their content), build authority to that content (placement, distribution and linking) and build trust (placement, distribution and linking) better than their competitors are certainly going to strengthen their online presence and reap extraordinary results in search rankings. Quantum Newswire’s innovative and dynamic platform will act as a catalyst to increase the agency’s ability to build E-A-T for their clients in a very simple and automated way.

Ready for a Branded SEO Platform and Service?

If you are a digital agency, website company, social media marketer, public relations firm or provide any type of online marketing services for other business clients, the Quantum Newswire branded content marketing and SEO platform is a new and unique solution that should be a major component of every digital marketer’s toolbox in 2019 and beyond. 

Interested agencies and digital professionals can complete the short application on the Quantum Newswire website to get the process started. 

What is Google EAT and Why A Press Release Marketing Strategy is the Right Move


Many website rankings have seen big fluctuations downward since August 2018. These changes were very likely caused by Google’s ‘Medic’ update which also put an emphasis on E-A-T from the Search Quality Guide with special emphasis on YMYL sites which stands for “Your Money and Your Life”.

What are the Google E-A-T Search Quality Guidelines all about?

As many people know, Google rolls out changes and tweaks to its algorithms on a near daily basis. Some are small or local changes, some changes are technical in nature but every change is designed to refine search results in one fashion or another to make them as high quality and relevant as possible for each user query and based on where the searcher is located.

In addition to these small daily changes, Google rolls out a core algorithm update that causes big shifts in how some websites rank on a less frequent basis but we see major updates usually several times per year..

Many people have heard of Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and other aptly named Google algorithm updates and the latest core algorithm update, which rolled out on August 1, 2018, is all about E-A-T and, for some industries, it’s certainly made its presence felt.

The “Medic Update” as it has been nicknamed due to it’s overwhelming impact on the Health and Medical sites (see pie chart below for industries most affected), appears to be one of the biggest algorithm shifts we’ve seen from Google in close to a year. It was a global update and the ranking fluctuations have taken the best part of a month to settle down.

Google has stated that E-A-T is one of the top three considerations for determining the quality of a site or page.

According to Rachel Roszman from SearchMetrics, “Google also appears to be making ranking adjustments based on feedback from Google Quality Raters, as well as Google user signals. If you’re not familiar with Quality Raters, Google uses thousands of people from all over the world to analyze the quality of website content based on specific guidelines. It then uses the recommendations to help deliver quality content to users. The effect of the recommendations on rankings is indirect.”


  • Expertise
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthiness

“This is not a new term. First leaked in 2008 and published in its latest incarnation in late 2015, Google released a 160-page document detailing its Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines. These guidelines (last updated in July 2018) are used by the 10,000-plus ‘raters’ worldwide that Google contracts to assess the quality of its search results,” cites Hazel Jarrett of SEO+.

In short, Google’s algorithm is looking for expertise, authority and trust [flow]. Satisfy Google’s hunger with EAT and your visibility in search rankings will most definitely improve, usually quite dramatically.

Google EAT Guidelines


Let’s take a quick look…

Expertise – the E in Google EAT

The question marketers should be asking is, “How do I position my clients online as an expert in their industry and send authoritative signals to Google to demonstrate this.” It comes down to the strategy of positioning and creating connections (links) existing authorities.

This reminds me of two great books on the topic by the way called “Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” by Ries and Trout and another book called “Blue Ocean Strategy” by Kim and Mauborgne. The concepts in these 2 books combined are a great lesson in the strategy of expert positioning and should be on the MUST READ list for every serious marketer and agency owner or executive.

Online positioning is a combination of strategic placements and signal generation at the highest levels. Strategically speaking, getting a person or company published on high authority and high trafficked websites, especially if the are major media websites that are recognized as authorities like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX creates quantifiable connections and link signals that build expertise and establish credibility. These major networks are clearly recognized all over the world. The average person or company isn’t getting published on sites like this so those that do are strategically positioned as an expert over the average person or average company from many different vantage points. Creating connections (link signals) with these authoritative brands and websites is a differentiator for local businesses and brands because so few companies are doing anything at all to improve their online positioning as an expert in their industry/niche. 

Expert positioning also takes strategic content with an outcome of expert positioning in mind with how the content is written, how it flows and the title is certainly critical in how the article is positioned. Words, images and keywords matter so pay attention to how you are positioning your client in these critical components of EXPERTISE.

A brand can be a company brand or a personal brand. Personal brand examples abound from authors, doctors, lawyers, executives, etc. Personal brands should also have a focus on authorship. While some people may think that the days of authorship are gone by, it would be a critical mistake to join in that crowd. Authorship is alive and well. Google’s algorithm is most certainly looking to distinguish authorship and source of content and it builds a corpus of documents, references, links and source content that are tied to any given, specific author (brand) and even goes as far as assigning recognized authors and personal brands with identities.

Who are the experts in any given subject matter or topic? People want to know and so do search engines.

Authoritativeness – the A in Google EAT

Authority is nothing new under the sun when it comes to ranking in Google so no one should be surprised but this is a major signal the algorithm is looking for so agencies and marketers need to be always looking for strategies and tactics to build authority to the entity.

In fact, “entity authority” is a concept and principle that is being missed by many SEO’s and agency owners. If the term is new to you, here’s a great article on entity authority that will open your eyes to the topic and get you thinking in different terms about building authority.

Authority link signals and engagement as the supporting pillar of authoritativeness are the two places to put focus on here.

Using content and press releases to build inbound authority link signals on a national level are a key component of why press releases are effective. You want more than just purely local signals to build greater authority over other local competitors. Take 3 competitors in any industry in any given local geo market and the logic of this is almost self-evident. If 2 of the competitors only have localized signals (ie. reviews, site content, local citations) and the 3rd competitor has all of the local signals too but also has inbound links from major media, TV, radio and newspaper sites from all over the USA, who has more authority in your opinion? If you can get your client’s content on authority domains on a broader scale, you are going to send authority signals to the links in those PRs which should be links to the main entity website, the entity’s Google MyBusiness listing and other branded entity assets or properties like Facebook or LinkedIn. pages for example.

Yes I know some will argue that press releases only have a certain amount of “shelf life” and industry standards are that PR content gets flushed every 30 days. This is one reason we built our own press release platform that boasts live content on major media sites for 90-365 days vs. the standard 30 and also built a proprietary permanent archiving feature to immortalize content forever (including the links in each press release pickup), to name a few of the advanced SEO features you won’t find in most other press release services or content marketing platforms.  

Building entity authority is a multi-faceted strategy that should also involve a unique brand name whenever possible, branded social accounts, brand and NAP consistency, citation and location data management, engagement strategies and more.

Using high authority sites and strategic content placement on these authority sites is a foundational component of how we build entity authority to satisfy Google’s quality guidelines for authority. Press releases are a key part of this in no uncertain terms and have been for over 3 years. I certainly recommend an omni-channel approach to the strategy of building brand or entity authority. Quality content should be placed, posted, shared, advertised, etc. If you start with real, quality content and then look to distribute and place that content everywhere, your high-authority link building is completely white-hat and what any author or expert would do if producing quality content for an audience interested in said topic or subject matter. 

Trustworthiness – the T in Google EAT

Consider this text in Section 4 of Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines:

“4.2  A Satisfying Amount of High Quality Main Content

The quality of the MC is one of the most important criteria in Page Quality rating, and informs the E-A-T of the page. For all types of webpages, creating high quality MC takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill. For news articles and information pages, high quality MC must be factually accurate for the topic and must be supported by expert consensus where such consensus exists.

For each page you evaluate, spend a few minutes examining the MC before drawing a conclusion about it. Read the article, watch the video, examine the pictures, use the calculator, play the online game, etc. Remember that MC also includes page features and functionality, so test the page out. For example, if the page is a product page on a store website, put at least one product in the cart to make sure the shopping cart is functioning. If the page is an online game, spend a few minutes playing it.

The purpose of the page will help you determine what high quality content means for that page. For example, High quality information pages should be factually accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive. High quality shopping content should allow users to find the products they want and to purchase the products easily. High quality humor or satire should be entertaining, while factual accuracy is not a requirement as long as the page would be understood as satire by users.

The amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page. A High quality page on a broad topic with a lot of available information will have more content than a High quality page on a narrower topic.”

As you can glean from this, building Trust is directly correlated to Quality of the Main Content on the website and quality of the content on off-page sources (such as press releases or guest blog content). Let’s not fool ourselves and think that Google’s algorithm isn’t sophisticated enough and have a sufficient amount of artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the majority of this test for quality content and whatever might be left to human intervention is directly addressed here in Section 4 of the Guide. In short, “Look and test for quality content,” which is essentially defined as content where it’s obvious that it took “time, effort, expertise and talent/skill” to produce. Interpretation: the ‘proof is in the pudding’ when it comes to content. 


Moz Local Ranking Signals for 2017
Local SEO Expert


In short, Local SEO is all about signal creation. If you’re the type that needs to check and cross-reference, this is an authority article on the Local Ranking Signals every business needs to create. Smart SEO’s and Digital Agency owners have been using press releases to create many of these signals, build authority, demonstrate expertise and establish trust for local business clients they are doing Local SEO for. Press release and certain types of content marketing are extremely effective for signal creation, especially for local business clients. When you create the right signals over time and enough of them, it is extremely effective in helping the entity’s GMB (Google MyBusiness) listing rank high in local search and Google 3-pack results. Most local businesses do NOT engage in content marketing and online search activities that do much to build and establish E-A-T. While many businesses and agencies will produce content on a regular basis on their blog or social media accounts, very few indeed produce strategic content and get that content out on high-authority sites which satisfy 5-6 of the signal categories listed by Moz. Let’s face it, guest blogging and link building is hard – and can be very time-consuming and/or expensive. Most business owners don’t have the ability or capabilities to distribute their content to highly trafficked websites that also have high authority, in strategic ways that yield measurable results.

Local SEO experts also know that quality citation building is also a best practice when it comes to sending local NAP signals to the search algorithm.



In short, there are no shortcuts when it comes to quality content. It is never recommended to use spun content unless you are really putting the time back into that content to make it 100% readable. Spun content fails the time and effort test by and large and experts just don’t believe that sacrificing quality is worth it because Trustworthiness is largely going to be tested under the test of quality content.

Produce strategic, quality-written content with the aim of “expert positioning” and “establishing authority” — then focus on distributing (signal creation) and placing that content on high-authority websites to send authority and trust through the links and the “connectivity” you establish in your links placed inside that quality content. Add in advanced SEO strategies like PR and PDF stacking, permanent archiving proprietary to Quantum Newswire, content syndication to branded blog and social accounts, social sharing/posting along with varying your distribution channel footprint, advanced markup and you will see the results come – in 3-6 months in most scenarios, shorter for others and longer for the more competitive terms and geo markets.

Hopefully, this article helps shed some light on why press releases and strategic content marketing are critical components of a holistic SEO or web presence strategy. Google’s algorithm has a hunger to EAT quality content and it especially likes to consume quality, expert content on high authority websites with bona fide traffic.

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