How to Mix Up Your Gym Routine to Get Dynamic Results

Get Dynamic Results by Mixing Up Your Workout Program and Gym Routine

Keeping motivated at the gym can be difficult. The personal training experts at Dynamic Health & Fitness, with 3 fitness centers in South Carolina, shared their top tips for changing up a gym routine to get the best results that will help keep motivation up in the coming months.

Workout Program

1. Beat Boredom with Working Out

It’s time to make changes to a workout routine if it has become a chore rather than a pleasure. By trying new things, it is possible to keep fitness fresh and interesting. This can be done by attending a group class or team training, maybe something that is new and unfamiliar such as Zumba or DGX Group Fitness, or even making just a small change to a routine. This could mean speed interval training rather than a standard slow jog, or working the same muscles but with slightly different exercises.

2. Make it a Challenge for Body and Mind

Exercise has been proven to help keep the brain working optimally as well as working to prevent memory loss. Take that to the next level with a new exercise or workout activity. This might mean joining a yoga class that requires a completely different approach. The learning process will engage the brain even as the class works on different muscle groups.

3. Find a Workout Partner

Staying engaged at the gym is easier with company and committing to a regular workout schedule is more effective if there is a partner for accountability. Particularly if there is a new exercise or activity that seems a little daunting, having a friend to join makes it a process that can be enjoyed together. Don’t have access to a partner? Not a problem, we found the personal trainers at Dynamic Health & Fitness to be super-friendly, informative, easy-going and fun to work with and they had a number of fantastic personal training options depending on an individual’s goals and timeframes.

4. Do Different Activities on Different Days

It can be all too tempting to hit snooze rather than the gym, but having different exercise activities scheduled for different days can make all the difference. Meet friends, join a training program or diversify a workout schedule to include different classes to ensure that the routine stays fresh and interesting.

5. Work with a Dynamic Personal Trainer

For individuals struggling to break through a weight-loss plateau, or those battling with motivation, a personal trainer can help. Doing the same exercises over and over again on repeat means that the body becomes accustomed to the activity and becomes more efficient, expending less energy and burning fewer calories. A personal trainer will develop a personalized routine that will ensure that their client’s body moves in ways that it is not used to moving. This means that the body will work harder as it adjusts and will burn more calories. The trainer will also have a diversified approach which will make the workout more interesting too.

6. Personalize the Soundtrack for Working Out

Music can be a great motivator. So, for those that need some extra help getting motivated, put in earbuds and turn up the volume. Take some time to develop a personalized soundtrack that has uplifting tunes that will help one keep going, even when the body wants to give up. Spotify and iTunes have done the hard work with great curated workout albums, so users just need to press play to get started.

Workout Program

Dynamic Health & Fitness with gyms in Charter Oak Rd and Longs Pond Road in Lexington and another in West Columbia South Carolina offer pristine gym and health clubs with state-of-the-art equipment and a carefully developed class schedule for members. Classes include Yoga, Barre, Body Sculpt, Spin, Zumba, HIIT Cycle and Tread-Fit to encourage members to try different routines with the goal of motivating and improving the results that the members see in their own health and fitness transformation

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