The key differentiator between Brand Equation and the rest of the consultants and digital marketing agencies out there is: STRATEGY.

There are 13,500 known online marketing tools, resources and companies out there to choose from. It’s a huge sea of choices and 95% of them won’t help you get there. Trust us.

We operate out of the principle that “90% of your results are determined by the first 10% of the process. – Lane Houk, CEO

If you get the brand and growth strategy wrong, or worse, you really have no defined strategy, to grow your brand through marketing, advertising and strategic business development, then you are applying the “spray and pray” approach to growing your company. Good luck, you will need it.

85% of all businesses fail because of the failure to apply proven strategies to grow. But it’s not just growth that matters. Wise, strategic growth, underpinned by well-placed technology systems and infrastructure are also essential drivers of success. We help our clients with both short-term and long-term growth strategies in a holistic methodology; this is what makes Brand Equation different from all others in the Marketing Consulting and Digital Agency industries.

Our uncommon approach starts with our proprietary Systems and Marketing Assessment followed with our BI Discovery Session. We understand that growing a business is not unlike launching a space shuttle – it takes an enormous amount of strategy and preparation, energy, and the right resources to get going and break through to a new level.

Brand Equation’s Discovery Session is the BI gathering process that is designed to help us build the right strategy to fuel your business. If you trust us and our process, you’ll be glad that we took the journey together. Our strategies are highly effective and produce substantial ROI, and more importantly, peace of mind for the owners and stakeholders.

You’ll find a link to our initial discover questionnaire below, and we ask that you please complete this form completely to prepare for our meeting. Filling out the form should take you about 30 minutes to complete.

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