Web Design and Development


Brand Equation offers comprehensive web design and development services, from basic site design to turnkey E-commerce site solutions. An innovative website catches the eye and looks professional while offering engaging content. Website development includes designing pages that are either static or dynamic and responsive, and providing your customers with an interactive user experience through adjusting the format, design, and content of the site according to the device used to access it. Brand Equation helps companies of all sizes create the optimal online experience for their customers through a solid foundation of innovative website design and user interface solutions.

Quality design is about more than just the look and feel of the website. Less clutter means more design options, and whether it’s contemporary or traditional, the options for your site design are endless. The Brand Equation Design and Development team create custom websites that enhance your online presence and business brand with interactive, engaging, and responsive site designs.


Keep your expectations high – they’ll get met at Brand Equation. Every project that we take on for our clients is original and one of a kind, created with passion that shows! Brand Equation adapts to your creative vision and process while maintaining best practices for the web design industry. We also offer magnetic and strategic SEO campaigns to give your search engine ranking a boost and get your site seen by your ideal potential customers. Just one of the ways that we give your SEO a jumpstart is by adding a custom blog to your existing site or building it into your new website design.


You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. Grabbing your visitors with the right use of videos and images is a great way to draw them in and keep them coming back for more. It’s been proven that people are skimmers when it comes to websites. They scan the page until they find the they’re looking for, instead of reading it word for word, whether what they’re after is a specific site page, purchase page, or blog post. Edgy, flashy, and bold are all great words to describe our website designs, and we create them with one purpose in mind – giving you that one chance to make the right first impression on your customers.


All websites have one thing in common – they have to be hosted on a server to be visible online. When it comes to producing an effective and efficient website, there are quite a few aspects for you to consider. You need a flexible and fluid layout for the appropriate orientation. Customer approval can be ensured with a simple, well-designed site that is easy to use and showcases high-quality images. Your site needs to be creative, original, and on-topic. Brand Equation is here to help with a support team that is one of the most respected and complimented online, and the ability for you to log onto your site from anywhere in the world to make instant updates and changes.

A high-quality and effective website provides your business with a huge, global market that might have been previously unavailable to you. Many of our clients admit to us a year after having a new website designed by Brand Equation that they were surprised by how much more business they received through a well-built website and the right SEO campaign. Most of our customers had a minimum of 25% business growth last year. Have you see that much of an increase from your current website?

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