Online Reputation and Brand Management is especially important for the C-Suite and expert professionals like physicians, attorneys and the like.

Just think about this for 30 seconds and our point will be likely sink in…


Seriously, go through a 60 second exercise and start to quantify it. The more successful you are or have been leading up to now, the more that figure grows. All of your education, all of the years of experience and careful execution to build a good name, a good reputation.

Now here’s the pain point in the marketplace for the executive and highly paid professionals and experts: THE INTERNET CAUSED A STRUCTURAL SHIFT. GOOGLE AND ONLINE REVIEWS HAVE CHANGED NOT ONLY THE GAME BUT ALSO THE PLAYING FIELD.

Google search your name. What do you find? There are at least 10 results on that first page of Google. How many of them are about you? How many of those results are there by design, not by accident?

How about your LinkedIn profile? Do you have one? Is it optimized? Are you pro-actively shaping and influencing what is being said about “YOU” online? Are you monitoring all of the online spaces for mentions of your name? Are you building a 5-star personal brand online?

That’s ok. We already know the answer is no to most if not all of these questions and that’s why we have built a custom Executive Reputation Management service for the C-level executive and highly paid professionals and experts. Our service includes a 20 point onboarding setup checklist which includes 100’s of related subtasks related to your personal brand online. Once we have your personal brand completely setup and under management, we monitor the entire web + specific review and social sites 24/7 for you and alert you via email and SMS text of any new mentions of your name + all relevant variants of your name. We also begin to help you build a 5-star reputation online using strategies and technology tools in our proprietary Reputation Management and Marketing platform.

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