Shopping Cart Solutions for Your Online Store

Brand Equation provides complete web store and E-commerce development solutions for your business. As your list of clients and your company grows, your E-commerce system needs to grow with your business so you can support more traffic, products, and customers. Our E-commerce solutions allow your customers to shop online from anywhere, at any time. We handle all of the the development processes for you, and even provide you with a secure hosting platform to ensure the safety of your customers’ information. Let us help you offer a convenient, safe, and accessible online store to your customers, and get your business growing!

Mobile E-commerce Website Experts

Brand Equation develops mobile websites for your E-commerce and content management platforms that provide your customers with more accessibility to your business. We provide your users with the best online shopping experience possible, and understand that buying and selling is a dynamic experience – now, more than ever. People are using their mobile phones and tablets to place orders on the go and check the status of their shipped items, and they want results faster than ever.

Brand Equation takes you through all of the parts of selling online, step-by-step, and offers sites that are optimized for smartphone and tablet users. Our customized mobile E-commerce sites make sure that your customers can place orders online quickly and easily. We also offer multiple payment solutions for your mobile website, and each payment solution processes your customers’ billing and payment information securely, protecting them and the reputation of your business.

Hello, E-commerce. Goodbye, Brick and Mortar

Any business can provide an online shopping experience to their customers, and any brick and mortar business can become an E-commerce company by adding an online catalog and virtual storefront. Brick and mortar stores have to incur plenty of overhead to maintain their inventory. With an E-commerce store developed by Brand Equation, you can increase the visibility of your company and bring in many more customers than the foot traffic exposure that a brick and mortar store provides. E-commerce sites help companies grow by expanding their reach and eliminating location barriers – businesses can reach potential customers in different countries and states. We can provide an E-commerce site for your brick and mortar location, as well as helping to ensure that your online store is getting noticed and competing with other existing companies with our comprehensive SEO campaigns.

Comfortable and Secure E-commerce

Electronic commerce provides companies with the opportunity to offer convenience to their customers. Product returns can be processed from anywhere, no matter where the order was placed and fulfilled. The Brand Equation team creates effective and simple processes to help your business facilitate sales and returns. This comprehensive management allows you to add a limitless amount of images and products, and you choose the type of interaction you have with each customer or vendor, allowing you to purchase only the needed functionality in order to focus on your targeted market.

What Makes an Effective E-commerce Website?

Our website developers create a customized front end for your web store that provides user-friendly tools, providing navigation aids to help your customers easily make their way around your E-commerce site. The goal of an effective E-commerce website is to provide your customers with an efficient and convenient way to purchase your products or services. Convenience makes for happier customers, and the happier that your customers are, the more successful you are. Let Brand Equation develop a custom E-commerce website for you, allowing you to cater to the needs of your ideal customer.

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