name, image, likeness (NIL) Solutions

Protect, build and leverage your name, image and likeness (NIL)

We are experts at helping athletes realize the full potential of their NIL

Brand strategy

Without the right brand strategy, everything else is off-course and can result in huge future losses. 90% of the result is driven by the first 10% of the process.

Brand Design

Our creative design team gets to work on design and building out your unique brand logo and identity. We work with you to build a brand that expresses you!

Brand Launch

This is the exciting phase of launching your new brand to the world and letting everyone know! With a new logo, new website, new social media presence!

Brand Optimization

Now that your NIL is underpinned by a 5-star brand logo and web presence, it's time to start optimizing your brand with unique messaging and activity.

Ready to build your brand and maximize your NIL?

Our team at Brand Equation is passionate about bringing your name, image and likeness to an entirely new level with expert brand strategy, design and marketing solutions.

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