With expert research and structured planning we are both effective and efficient in developing and designing a brand, a website and/or an online visibility and traffic campaign that aligns with your overarching business goals.

Research Phase

We ask the right questions and listen. We gather insight and data to build the best brand identity, website and marketing campaign possible.

Good listening is a key to successful communication. At Brand Equation we embrace this philosophy and know that excellent work comes from collaboration, creativity, and confidence built from a robust research phase. We want to get to know you, understand your business, grasp your brand, be familiar with your competition, and identify your audience. The cornerstone of our work begins with this discovery phase where we listen and learn to pinpoint opportunities, allowing us to develop a unique and comprehensive strategy.

Addressed in this Phase
  • ID mission and goals
  • Historic baselines established
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Customer sentiment analysis
  • Competitive intelligence
  • ID audience persona(s)
  • Keyword intelligence
  • Brand and SEO audit

Strategy Phase

We map out the strategy. Research, best practices, content, design, and technology all come together in a strategy map for your website and brand marketing and advertising campaign.

Strategy is where we really differentiate and it drives all the work that we do. The insights and intelligence that we acquire in research is analyzed, reviewed, and evaluated so that we can map out a strategic plan that will serve as a blueprint for all marketing actions and tactics, along with how they are deployed. Together, we will define goals and use our findings and expertise to deliver solutions that will meet those goals and connect with stakeholders.

Addressed in this Phase
  • Digital strategy
  • Brand strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Web Presence strategy
  • Web architecture
  • Marketing strategy
  • Web accessibility

Design Phase

Strategic design. The goal of brand, marketing and web design is conversion. Using audience and competitive intelligence gleaned in research and combining it with design best practices, the web, marketing and advertising design phase is carried out.

The creative process can go in many different directions, it all depends on the goals of each project. Our process allows you and your team to get involved and stay involved with each phase. Through collaboration, we revise and fine-tune any concepts prior to beginning the development stage. From concept to final design we support you along the journey, we encourage asking questions, making suggestions, and refining all content. The design solutions are finished, development executed, and testing complete, but the story is only beginning.

Addressed in this Phase
  • Logo and brand design
  • Identity packages
  • Advertising materials
  • UX design
  • Website design
  • Landing page design
  • Content writing
  • Social branding

Development Phase

Web and campaign development. Web architecture is built out using the strategy and site map. The web presence and ad campaigns are built-out according to the products and services you selected in the proposal.

The development phase is critical for success. Research and strategy are implemented into the website and marketing campaign builds. Our secret sauce is a applied and developed into the web architecture. Any custom functionality or e-commerce components are also developed into the website in this phase. This is an exciting part of the process as the deployment phase is now just ahead!

Addressed in this Phase
  • Enterprise web hosting
  • Web architecture build
  • Website security measures
  • Page speed optimizations
  • Landing page development
  • Custom site functionality
  • Search engine optimization
  • E-commerce development

Deployment Phase

Houston we have lift off! The designs are approved, the development is completed and we are ready to deploy: website, landing page(s), web presence and advertising campaigns.

The deployment phase is a fun and satisfying phase. All the hard work in research, strategy, design and development come together as the fuel for liftoff! Away we go from the launchpad with momentum and velocity as we begin the visibility campaign to get you ranking in search!

Addressed in this Phase
  • Website deployment
  • Landing page(s) deployment
  • Web presence campaign
  • Advertising campaign
  • Analytics and Data collection
  • Reputation campaign
  • Search engine optimization

Campaign Support Phase

Your partner in marketing and ongoing support. The work is never done, as we track results, analyze impact, adjust, and deliver effective solutions for your business that yield ROI and move you towards goal achievements!

Your website and campaigns have launched and online visibility is starting to improve! This doesn’t mean our journey together is over... if you’ve engaged Brand Equation to conduct the web presence and online visibility campaigns, we are continuously applying the necessary tactics to keep improving search visibility and the results.

Addressed in this Phase
  • Enterprise web hosting
  • Website maintenance
  • Website support desk
  • Web presence campaign
  • Advertising campaign
  • Retargeting campaign
  • Analytics, reporting and monthly meetings
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