Your online reputation is your most valuable asset. It’s what people find when they Google you (or your company/brand name), and it shapes their impression of you — sometimes before you’ve even met. People/consumers are Googling your name and/or your brand name everyday. The question is what do they find when they search your name? Equally important question is are you pro-actively shaping what people find when they search your name or are the search results being left to accident?

When potential customers are confronted with bad reviews and negative comments, they often change their mind about purchasing a product or service. Even worse, that negative online reputation can spread quickly through search engine results and social media networks. Today’s marketplace is full of highly engaged and connected customers, making it all too easy for any negative feedback or commentary about your products or services to wreak havoc on your profits. The bottom line? You can’t afford to not have someone watching your back through online reputation management.


Managing your brand and reputation, especially online, is mission critical in this digital era. Do you have a comprehensive brand warning and alert system to alert you when there are new mentions of your brand online? Do you know when a new review is left on one of the many review sites about your company? If one of your customers is going to leave a bad review, when would you like to know about it? These questions and more are the types of questions every decision-maker needs to be asking and answering.

At Brand Equation we have developed our own proprietary software solution to help companies, especially multi-location companies, monitor and manage their online reputation. We have developed an industry-leading solution to provide comprehensive alerts, 24/7 monitoring of the entire web ecosystem for brand and review mentions, a complete customer feedback system to help companies get more reviews from their customers and a robust reputation marketing system to ensure that positive reviews are distributed and promoted all over the web when you receive positive reviews through our reputation system.

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