At Brand Equation we employ a 4-Phase process with all of our website projects.

Discovery – Design – Development – Deployment

To begin we need to “discover” key information about you and your company/business. We cannot move into the setup and design phase until we have this form completed and submitting it instantly creates a new project in our website project management software.

Please use the form below to get this process started!

Also, we will need you to choose a base theme that we will use to build out your website design and layout, please use the links below to browse the themes we own. You can use anyone of these themes however we recommend you choose one that is classified as “Responsive” – the last field of the form below asks you which theme you want for your website design and it is important to answer this for us.

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New Website Project Discovery Form

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  • Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. Please be exact with the information provided so we can get it right the first time on your new website! The information provided here will be what we transfer to your new site like the Contact page, etc.