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Conquest Equation provides targeted audience conquesting with mobile and desktop targeting. Mobile advertising with smartphone identification using location data and geofencing to identify specific audiences. Our brand conquesting process is proprietary and confidential.

Brand Conquesting


  1. the act or state of conquering or the state of being conquered; vanquishment.
  2. the winning of favor, affection, love, etc.
  3. person whose favor, affection, etc., has been won:
  4. anything acquired by conquering, as a nation, a territory, or spoils.

Conquest Equation is our Premier product at Brand Equation. It is actually a combination of sophisticated technology, data collection and analyses and marketing processes that yields unmatched results in brand visibility to a laser-targeted audience using military-grade technology to target the audience in an omni-channel, cross-platform, multi-device method. That is what we mean by “sophisticated.” It is brand conquesting, geo conquesting, product buyer conquesting and service buyer conquesting on steroids. Completely dominate your market and competing brands.

NOTE: This solution is so effective we will NOT offer it to two (2) different competitors in the same geo-areas (~25-50 mi radius per location). Target your competition’s location(s), identify their prospects and customers, conquest them to draw them over and convert a quantifiable percentage. Dominate your geo-market, in any industry, any market. 

Conquest Equation boasts real-time audience lead intelligence with identified leads delivered in under 2 seconds to your email or CRM. Anonymous prospects and leads are “conquested” across all devices, all channels they traffic in and on multiple platforms (apps, browsers, windows, iOS).

Geofence marketingAudience targeting is accomplished in four primary methods:

  • Geofence Marketing – Geofence competitor locations, places of interest, events to directly target anyone who enters the “fence” area
  • Location Data – highly specific audiences can be acquired with places of interest data, recency and real-world foot traffic for targeting in specific platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram for example
  • Topical and Keyword Search – Consumers are targeted based on actual terms being searched in the geo-targeted areas
  • Web Asset Tracking – Sophisticated pixel tracking to measure visitor intent and ID anonymous visitors to web assets (both owned and 3rd party sites)

What we do with all consumers ID’d in Geofenced areas, search and web visitors:

  • Display omni-channel ads to them across all devices every 30 days up to 100K impressions
  • Drive all ad clicks to landing pages with tracking installed
  • Identify consumers who clicked through for segmented retargeting
  • Identify ~10-25% of anonymous ID’s consumers with real-time lead intelligence
  • Digital ad conquesting vs traditional mail and phone calls

What we do with any anonymous visitors we ID with lead data:

Brand Marketing Campaigns

Brand conquesting is the process of achieving brand visibility superiority over competing brands in a given geo-targeted area or region using cutting-edge technology and Brand Equation’s proprietary Conquest Equation solution.

  • Lead data = name, phone, email, home address + more when available (min. name, email or phone)
  • Ringless voice mail (RVM) dropped to all leads with phone number data
  • Email sent instantly to all leads with email data
  • USPS follow up letter sent via regular US mail to all leads with home address data

What this unique product and service delivers to you:

  • Superior brand visibility to a laser-targeted audience
  • Multi-touch, omni-channel marketing campaign to high buyer intent audience
  • Real-time audience lead intelligence
  • Multi-touch, omni-channel follow up system for all leads
  • KPI reporting and tracking monthly on impressions, clicks, segmented site visitors, CTR and conversion zone tracking
  • Conquest your prospects until they convert or opt-out
  • Convert more prospects to leads and more leads to customers
  • Conquest your competitor’s prospects
  • Conquest your competitors’s customers
  • Conquest special event attendees and exhibitors
  • Conquest competitor’s e-Commerce site visitors
  • Exclusivity for your industry product/service in selected geo market areas

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