Local Directory Ecosystem Marketing

One of the top priorities of every local business in America needs to be getting listed in local searches so they can be found by local customers. The Listing Buddy system leads the industry in strategic solutions for getting your NAP (stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number), website, and other relevant information for your business into the local search ecosystem, which is made up of about 400 local online directories around the United States.

When potential customers search local listings online, you want your business to be in the results. Local listings for businesses have become extremely important due to the popularity of universal searching. Local businesses need to be sure to set up their online profiles as completely as possible, filling out all of the available information about their business with 100% consistency and accuracy. Local SEO is as equally important for existing websites as it is for new websites.

The Right Local Search Engine Optimization Campaign

Your business needs a complete solution when it comes to local search engine optimization and getting you ranked for the most profitable and competitive search terms for your industry. The importance of being found in search engines is growing, and local search optimization has found a place of its own, even though it is a somewhat new phenomenon in regards to SEO. There are only a small number of companies that are focusing on local SEO, and most of them aren’t doing it well.

Google and other major search engines have begun to focus more on local search in an effort to prove the best possible search results. The bottom line is that when your site is at the top in local search results, you get more traffic and more calls. The better optimized and designed a website is, the more visitors the site gets, and the more sales it generates.

An Affordable and Effective Local Internet Marketing Campaign

Brand Equation’s marketing team will build an affordable and effective local online marketing campaign that targets local consumers while getting your message out to new prospects. Internet marketing is ever-changing and complex, and local SEO is most likely the toughest online marketing strategy to implement and execute. Targeting the right audience, creating and managing the hundreds directory listings with 100% accurate and consistent NAP, building inbound links to your site, and creating relevant and engaging content on a regular basis while taking control of your marketing spending takes time and the building of momentum. With Brand Equation’s Listing Buddy, you have a scalable and measurable alternative to traditional marketing.

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