Reviews Over Time

Quickly see how many reviews you’ve generated over the past week, month, the previous 12 months, or for a specific date range.

Drill down to specific websites to see where you’re seeing the most success or identify sites that you may need to focus on during the next quarter. The data is easy to understand and serves as a valuable metric for your business.

Average Rating Over Time

This visual snapshot displays the average rating from feedback and reviews of your business on customer responses and online ratings and reviews that were posted over a specific date range. With the ability to see your overall snapshot or drill down to specific site ratings over the past week, month, previous year, or for a specific date range you’ll know exactly where you stand.

Sentiment Analysis Over Time

Built into every report is a text analytics program that determines the intention and attitude of the reviewer with respect to the overall polarity of their review and rating. With high accuracy we derive whether the expressed opinion of a sentence or review is positive, negative, or neutral and display it graphically.

You’ll instantly understand the overall sentiment over a specific time period with regards to the percentage of positive, neutral, and negative respondents.

Weekly & Monthly Automated Reports

Our automated reporting gives you the ability to schedule regular updates that can be sent on a specific day of the week ( every Monday ) or day of the month ( 1st of each month) ensuring you’ll receive regular status updates direct to your inbox. Each report includes your total new reviews, star rating, and break out of each since the last report.

Easily customize and schedule reports to be delivered on specific dates to a group within the business or a key individual.

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