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What is the definition of website hosting? There are a lot of people out there that aren’t quite sure. If they have had any dealings with websites, they might have some sense of what it’s all about, but until they’re looking to start an online business or are looking for a new website hosting solution for their business, they usually don’t know what it truly is or why it’s such a critical part of their business. There are huge differences in the available hosting solutions out there, and this article is meant to offer some tips for anyone that wants to learn the basics of website hosting, or what the best hosting solution is for their company, and why the general rule in the world of website domains and hosting is almost always “you get what you pay for.”


Let’s get started with what we consider to be the best solution for self-hosted WordPress websites, and for running true business websites. Brand Equation recommends that you find a hosting plan with a dedicated virtual private server (VPS), as opposed to the more common shared web hosting services. Using a VPS is similar to having a personal server that allows you to manage all of the capabilities and features of the server, such as choosing which software to add or creating an account. It’s important to note, however, that this option is only the right choice if you have some knowledge of running or working with a server. We offer hosting on our VPS Cloud Server with our Managed WordPress Hosting accounts, and also manage the WordPress website for you. This means that we make sure that your site is updated with all of the latest plugins, security features, and core PHP/MySQL that your site needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

Online companies can’t afford to run their entire business on a shared server. Growing businesses need larger amounts of bandwidth and increased storage, and a dedicated VPS can provide that to them easily and effectively. Using a VPS will give your customers the best possible experience when they visit your site, and the more they enjoy using it, the more likely they are to come back and make future purchases with you. Website performance matters – your site needs to load quickly to decrease its bounce rate. The lower the bounce rate of your site, the better chance you have to learn about your key performance indicators and understand how visitors are reacting to the experience that they have on your site.


Shared web hosting is when many websites share a a web hosting service and all reside on one web server that is connected to the Internet. With a shared hosting plan, you typically pay around $5 to $15 per month for the service. Your website will reside with thousands of other sites on a single server, and share all of the server’s resources. The main cause for concern with shared web hosting is limited access and lack of support. But what do you expect to get for $5 a month, right? You’ll have to decide at some point whether your best choice is dedicated or shared hosting. If your site is getting a lot of traffic and the elements of the site are intricate and involved, shared hosting will most likely not work for you and could actually hurt your business. Dedicated hosting is most likely your best choice, and is optimal for these situations. The bigger your site is, and the larger your plans for it in the future, the more you should seriously consider dedicated hosting.
The bottom line is that for most legitimate companies, shared hosting is just not the best option. Your website needs peak performance for your visitors, and it needs to be up and live 100% of the time. There’s just no guarantee that will happen with shared hosting, which is why the general rule for website hosting solutions is absolutely “you get what you pay for.” And the worst case scenario is losing business by disappointing your customers with a subpar experience with your website due to web hosting that is anything but 100% reliable.


Whatever hosting solution you choose, be sure that it provides both cPanel and Softaculous. CPanel assists you in maintaining and controlling your website easily and effectively with a user-friendly control panel. Softaculous is a robust script installer that allows you to install scripts in under three minutes, as opposed to upwards of thirty minutes that is required with manual installations. Both of these features are extremely useful, and if the hosting option that you’re planning to use doesn’t provide both of these resources to you, you should strongly consider another hosting solution.

There’s a lot to learn about web hosting, and while it can’t be learned in a day, the tips in this article should provide you with a good bit of useful information and a solid foundation for making the best choice for the hosting of your website. When you come across any issues with your hosting solution, think back to this article, and you should be able to make the right choice for you and your business.

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